I’m currently the TA for STAT 102. You can find any notes for prior courses below.

Past Courses:

Courses for which I have been the teaching assistant in the past are listed here.

  • stat 102, intro business stat, Fall 2018 (note this ended my chance at never TAing the same class twice)
  • stat 102, intro business stat, Spring 2018
  • stat 422/722, predictive analytics, Fall 2017
  • stat 431/511, statistical inference, Spring 2017
  • stat 111, introductory statistics, Spring 2016
  • stat 435/711, forecasting methods, Fall 2015
  • stat 101, intro business stat, Spring 2015


  • I was a teaching assistant for the 2015 and 2016 Moneyball Academy camps for high school students, during which I taught an introductory R class.
  • I was a dean’s tutor for math 1a at Caltech. The course was called ‘single-variable calculus’, but ‘introductory real-analysis’ may have been more appropriate.

Stat 422/722 Notes: