Past Courses:

Courses for which I have been the teaching assistant in the past are listed here.

  • stat 101, intro business stat, Spring 2019
  • stat 102, intro business stat, Fall 2018 (note this ended my chance at never TAing the same class twice)
  • stat 102, intro business stat, Spring 2018
  • stat 422/722, predictive analytics, Fall 2017
  • stat 431/511, statistical inference, Spring 2017
  • stat 111, introductory statistics, Spring 2016
  • stat 435/711, forecasting methods, Fall 2015
  • stat 101, intro business stat, Spring 2015


  • I was the mentor for the CMU team participating in the ProjectX competition put on by the University of Toronto in 2020. The team came in second place in the weather and natural disasters prediction category. CMU wrote a nice article on the team here. The GitHub repository for the project is here.
  • I was a teaching assistant for the 2015 and 2016 Moneyball Academy camps for high school students, during which I taught an introductory R class.
  • I was a dean’s tutor for math 1a at Caltech. The course was called ‘single-variable calculus’, but ‘introductory real-analysis’ may have been more appropriate.

Stat 422/722 Notes: